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Recently "Off the Drawing Board"

This spring I was asked by the Town of Moultonborough, a valued client, to create a rendering of a large proposed town project soon to be voted on at Town Meeting. My efforts were to supplement the design efforts of a regional architect, CMK, retained to design the project and help shepard it thru the hurdles of town acceptance and approval. I was asked to create a rendering to highlight the feeling and sense of community that stake holders hoped to convey. I was provided with a conceptual site plan and 3D model of the project in SketchUp. Work commenced with helping focus the team to select a favored color scheme, materials regimen and a model view balancing site and building.

With these confirmed, I created the rendering by first setting the preferred 3D model view derived from the architects base model. To this model I selected tree images to better convey the nature of the property and scaled them for accuracy. Next, I rendered the linework of the the model view on white trace paper to created my base drawing added desired and required details. Finally, the trace drawing was rendered with markers and with colored pencils for emphasis. The rendering was scanned at 300 dpi in .tif format and then minor touch-ups were completed in Photoshop. The final rendering was emailed to all stake holders for final approval before plotting on photo finish plot paper and additional copies on standard 24 lb. bond paper.

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