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On the Drafting Board!

Currently, g2+1 is working on a two-building residential housing development called "The Residences at 27 Chestnut Street" in Exeter, New Hampshire. It consists of two, four-story apartment buildings with underground parking and forty-eight 1-2 bedroom apartments per building. Design work is being done in collaboration with Jones & Beach Engineers, Stratham, NH and CJ Architects, Portsmouth, NH.

Our role with regard to this project was initially conceptual site design focused on building placement, site access and parking layout and overall site organization. As design efforts progressed we designed the overall site landscape, abutter screening, creation of private outdoor patio spaces for each building and restoration of an old woodland for passive resident use. A central feature of the project is construction of a large "rain garden" between the one-way looped access drive and parking. The rain garden addresses required storm water treatment, and its extensive plantings become the "Front Door" landscape presentation to the project.

Again, many thanks to Chinburg Builders, LLC for giving g2+1 LLC the opportunity to work with your development team.

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